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Posted here are the minutes taken from Meetings of the Board of Directors. Triangle Board Meetings are open to the public - everyone is welcomed.  However, only Board members have a vote to take action  at such a meeting. 

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors is held the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm at Triangle Club.

Triangle Club

2210 4th Avenue

Phenix City, AL 36867


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To those who generously donated time, talent and materials to get Triangle Club started, we will be forever grateful.  You know who you are!


Corporate Governance

The Certificate of Formation and the Bylaws, taken together, create Triangle Club as a separate entity from the groups that meet here, determine the rules and guidelines for how the Triangle Club will be managed, what Triangle Club's mission is, and how the Trusted Servants of the Corporation will be chosen and what their specific duties are.  Please read the Introduction to Corporate Governance to get a review of titles, typical duties and legal requirements for maintenance of 501(c)(3) ("Non-Profit") status granted by the Internal Revenue Service.

These documents are posted here to provide transparency of Triangle Club's operations for the people it serves.  Triangle Club is committed to operating professionally, in compliance with statutory requirements, and making decisions guided by the wisdom of a loving Creator as expressed through group conscience.  Our leaders do not govern.  Triangle Club is not affiliated with or supported by any religious, political or philosophical institution, does not oppose anyone, and does not wish to enter into controversy of any nature.   

Please click on the button links at the bottom of the page, rather than text titles, to view the documents.  Feel free to use the Contact Us page to offer comments or suggestions.  The Triangle Club's Mission is stated on the Home page.

Certificate of Formation

This document creates Triangle Club, Inc., as a domestic, non-profit organization by the authority of the Secretary of State of the State of Alabama.

Federal Employers Identification Number (FEIN)

This document is a letter from the Internal Revenue Service which assigns an identification number for a corporation, to be used the same way as a Social Security Number is used for an individual.  Non-profit status of the Triangle Club has been awarded so donations which reference this number are tax-exempt for the contributor.

Bylaws of Triangle Club, Inc.

This document serves as the "constitution" of the organization which details how the corporation shall be managed.  It is written by the Incorporator(s) of the corporation, and approved and put in place by the Board of Directors of the corporation.  Provisions can be changed, but only after careful consideration and deliberation.  It is intended to be a permanent set of guiding principles. THE DOCUMENT POSTED HERE IS HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.